Lancaster family photo shoot - The Lewis family

A couple of weeks ago, an old childhood friend made contact with me to arrange a family shoot. I was delighted! We were so close throughout our teenage years. But then we both moved away from our home town, Ulverston in Cumbria, we both got married and had children, so life in general just kept us from keeping in touch like we should have done. Don't get me wrong, we have seen each other from time to time; weddings, play dates etc. Just not as much as I would have liked. I'm sure you have found the same with some of your dear friends?

So, the photo shoot was arranged and Kate had asked if she could bring her Labrador along. Jack is getting old now and they are concerned he hasn't got long left. I was more than happy for Jack to come. Some of you may know, my beloved boxer dog, Phoenix passed away earlier this year. So I know how important it is that dogs are included in these things. They are part of the family too, right?

They arrived from their home in Lancaster to mine in Langho, Lancashire. Kate has done a fantastic job of keeping the kids clean and tidy. You just know that on days like this, the kids have other ideas and spill something on their best outfit!

I started with a few images of Jack the dog, whilst Kate made sure everyone else was ready. The boys were total pros! They knew exactly what they were doing. Ellie took a bit of convincing, but we got her there. They are a super cute family and a pleasure to be around.

My little girls arrived home just as we had finished. So it only seemed right to go and have a catch up ice cream afterwards.

Here is what Kate had to say about her experience;

"I took my 3 children (1 who turned out to be slightly uncooperative!) and our family dog for a photo shoot with Jane and she was brilliant. Jane made us feel very welcome and relaxed. She calmly worked to take our photos. She was extremely patient and professional, even allowing my boys to suggest ideas for photos too. Whoever said that working with children and dogs was easy? However Jane made it seem that way and captured my crew perfectly. I am delighted with our photos and will definitely be back one day! Thank you x"