Styled wedding photo shoot with Rebecca & Andrew - Whalley Abbey. Whalley. Lancashire.


Well here is a very different blog from my usual. Hopefully it will become more of a regular thing....

Anyway, some of you will know that I have been focusing on newborn and family photography, I am still doing this, but also moving in to wedding photography. I have recently started on a wedding mentoring course with a fantastic photographer. In order to speed this up and begin a wedding portfolio, I decided I needed to arrange a styled photo shoot. The day after this was decided (with some pushing from my mentor), my friend, Rebecca was at my house for our catch up over a coffee (or two....), I was telling her my plans. Straight away, she was happy to volunteer herself and her partner, Andrew. Rebecca also has her own business selling Forever Living products, so she, along with the rest of my helpers which I am going on to tell you about understand how important it is to help each other. Anyway.... I had my bride and groom. Now I just needed to find the rest. I made contact with Kate from Kate's Bridal room in Clitheroe. She was more than happy to get involved. She recommended that I contact Victoria & Natalie Flowers in Leyland to help out with flowers. They jumped straight on board too. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic! I now just needed to find a location to do the shoot. I was on a roll and was sure something was going to burst my bubble. I have always been a fan of Whalley Abbey and admired its beauty. But they weren't going to let me shoot there, were they? Quick email to them and within 5 minutes, it was booked! Perfect!

Fast forward today (02/10/17). The day of the shoot. It had been bad weather for what felt like forever! But..... the show must go on. I had models, a dress, a location and a husband who had taken the day off to look after our children so that I could do this.

Rebecca, Andrew and I started the day with a coffee at their house. I helped Rebecca button up her wedding dress and we were ready to go. They don't live far from Whalley Abbey, so we were there in minutes. It was raining and windy. Typical! So we did a few shots in the doorway whilst the worst of the rain passed. We then went for a walk around the grounds. There was a couple of showers, but it didn't matter as I had packed a white wedding umbrella. Going off on a tangent but..... I looked like a (non vampire) version of Blade until we needed to use it (I am a bit of a film fan). I had it sticking out of my daughters Frozen rucksack until that point! If you know me, you will know that I am not bothered about making an idiot of myself, especially if it is to get the perfect photograph.

Enough of me rabbiting along. Here is a sample of my favourite images from today. Thanks again to all involved.

Much love,

Jane x