Lancashire model call for my Christmas promotion - Alfie & Ava

Last Sunday, I did a model call on Facebook. I needed a model that could sit up unaided and be under 24 months old. This was for my Christmas photography promotion. I was overwhelmed how well that post did. It reached over 43500 people, got 644 comments, 234 likes/loves, and was shared 139 times! As well as that, I received so many messages about it. I ended up closing it 5 days later due to it being so popular. Thank you to every single of of you who took part. But as you can imagine, choosing just 1 child out of all the beautiful entries was hard work! I decided to pick 2 instead; a boy and a girl. So I sent a message to the winning parents once the decision had been made. They were both really happy. We discussed when we could get together to do the shoot. As luck would have it, we were all free the next day (Friday).

Earlier this week, I had been Christmas prop shopping. It felt really strange buying Christmas decorations in October! My daughters both loved helping selecting the props. They would have the house fully decorated now if they could have their own way. In this shop, I also bought 3 new sets of fairy lights, much to my husband's disgust. He thinks I have an obsession with fairy lights. In fairness, last year, he worked out I had bought about 30 sets in our 8 years together. Well, who doesn't love twinkly lights?!

So anyway, Friday arrived. My husband had dropped our eldest off at preschool and our youngest stayed at home and helped me get set up for the arrival of my first model, Alfie from Longridge. Alfie arrived and took an immediate liking to my daughter. My husband tried to take our daughter away, but Alfie decided he'd like her to stay and help. She doesn't usually stay whilst I have clients here, but I broke the rules today. Alfie was such a cutie. He needed a bit of food bribery to keep him still though. I can't blame him. I'd have stayed still for cookies too! Alfie particularly enjoyed my bubble machine. Just look at his face when it came out.

Alfie (20).jpg

After Alfie had left, my Arabella decided it was her turn to have her photograph taken. Both of our girls love to join in on the action. You'd think they be sick of having their photograph taken, but no! Anyway, she can be seen in the collection, sporting her most cheeky smile! At least it made me realise my new sledge can take bigger children.

It was now time for a quick spot of lunch before my next little model, Ava arrived.

Ava arrived from Burnley. She was a little upset as she had just been woken up from a short nap. I can't blame her. I am grumpy when tired too. She soon came to and was showing me some gorgeous smiles. She wasn't so keen on the sledge at first, so I did some without, just to get her used to it. Isn't she adorable?

Ava (10).jpg
I was lucky enough to win a photo shoot for my 7 month old daughter. I walked in not knowing what to expect. Despite my baby being quite uncooperative and upset to begin with, she soon warmed up. Jane was fantastic , very patient and quick to get shots. The photos she achieved are absolutely beautiful. Ones I am going to treasure forever. They are Christmas themed and this year will be my daughters very first Christmas. Thank you x
— Jenna Parrington

Please have a look at some of my favourite images from today. I will be organising some dates in November for a Christmas mini shoot. The images will make perfect Christmas presents for loved ones.

If you'd like some more information, please feel free to contact me.

Jane x