Ribble Valley and Lancashire newborn and family photographer - Meeting 9 day old Quinn

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of capturing some very special photographs of 9 day old Quinn.  As a rule, newborns are best to capture between 5 and 10 days old. This is due to them still sleeping a lot. This makes them easier to wrap up/pose and makes cute photos.

The pressure was on as Quinn is the baby brother of my daughters best friend. On the morning of the shoot, my daughter who is usually really excited to go to preschool was deeply upset as she wanted to stay at home and help out. She soon changed her mind, once she realised her best mate wasn't coming to our house and indeed, would be joining her at preschool. Anyway, my girls had left the house for the morning and I got everything set up for Quinn and his Mummy's arrival. I'd chosen a series of neutral coloured wraps, hats, furs and blankets to use with my baskets and posing beanbag. 

They arrived. Quinn needed a top up of milk, so we took advantage and started with a coffee for ourselves. Then, we were ready for action. My room was lovely and warm, ready to make Quinn feel relaxed and sleepy after his feed.

As you can see below, I managed to capture some of him both awake and asleep. He was a little superstar and posed really well. I captured all of him in perfect detail. If you have seen my work before, you will know that I love to get a close up of tiny toes. Newborn feet are too cute! I think it is the only time that feet are ever classed as cute.... His Mummy brought along an elephant teddy. This is an extra special teddy as it was bought for her as a child by her Father.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a shoot.

Jane x