Meeting Sally, Jack and Ghost - Lancashire Equine Photographer

Ribble Valley & Lancashire Wedding and Equine Photographer.


Not only am I a Ribble Valley and Lancashire wedding and family photographer, I also love equine photography. I don't just stick to Lancashire either. I cover Manchester, Cumbria, Cheshire and Yorkshire!

Earlier this week, I met Sally and her gorgeous boys, Jack and Ghost. We met at Sally's lovely yard in Grindleton, Ribble Valley. It was the most beautiful setting for our photo shoot. The yard looks over Pendle Hill and surrounding areas. The rain had stopped and it wasn't too hot - perfect!

Like me, Sally has been around horses forever. Her boys are her life. She is a keen eventer (unlike me)....


Jack (above) - Sally has had Jack for the last 10 years, since he was just 4 years old.  He is a 16.3hh German Warmblood. He is a gentle beast that just wants some love. He introduced himself to me by putting his rump in my face for a scratch. I'm pretty confident that he would have sat on my knee for a cuddle if he could have done! I wanted Jack to come home with me. Oddly enough, Sally didn't seem up for that.....


Ghost (above) - Sally has had him for just shy of 2 years. He is a 7 years old Dutch Warmblood. He stands at 17.1hh. He is cheeky boy that likes to give you a little nibble. Sally says you've not met Ghost properly until he has given you a playful bite! We took him in the arena to have a look in the mirrors. Lets just say that this boy is gorgeous and he knows it. He couldn't pull himself away from posing. Hilarious!


Both boys are totally amazing. The bond between them and Sally is so lovely to see. I'm not going to lie to you, being around them both really made me want to get another horse. Sadly, It can't happen at the moment, so I will just make the most of visiting them whilst making memories for their owners. Every cloud and all that....

Whilst Sally was putting Ghost's saddle on, I made friends with Maisie and Maggie the boxer dogs. Some of you my know that until April 2017, I had a boxer dog called Phoenix. She was 13 years old when she sadly passed away. So as you can imagine, I can't help but give boxer dogs I come across a bit of love.


If you would like to arrange an equine photo shoot, please drop me a message to arrange. I don't bite, unlike Ghost!

Jane x