A summer wedding at Burnley, Lancashire - Samantha and James

Ribble Valley & Lancashire Wedding and Family Photographer.


At the back end of last year, I was contacted by Samantha. She had heard I was a Lancashire wedding photographer through a mutual friend. She told me all about her plans for her summer wedding in Burnley, Lancashire. We got on straight away and that was that, I was booked.

Flash forward to this September and the big day was here. I met Samantha and the rest of the bridal squad at Rosehill House, Burnley. The ladies had been up early and their hair was already done. Makeup was now well on the way. They were all super excited. Samantha’s Dad was there, making sure everything was in order. James has sent his bride to be a beautiful bouquet and a lovely card to go with it. The bride was now ready to go and she looked amazing!


The bridal party were now on their way to the St. Matthew’s Church. I rushed ahead to get some shots of James and his best man. As Samantha walked down the aisle with her Dad, James stood there grinning like the Cheshire Cat! He just knew he had hit the jackpot!

The exchanging of rings had now taken place - Samantha and James were husband and wife! The bride and groom walked through a confetti aisle before we headed around the corner to Scott Park for couples portraits. This is the best time of the day; the newlyweds get to have a breather and some time to just themselves, well I am obviously there too, but you know what I mean. Samantha and James love Scott Park as it is just round the corner from their house. They often go their with their children. I spotted a lovely stone bridge straight away, so we made our way over to that first.


From here, we headed back to the hotel to meet the wedding guests. Wedding breakfast was served, followed by the speeches. What made the speeches extra special was Samantha and James’ son gave one, including a picture he had drawn. That little boy was awesome. He had me in stitches throughout the day.

Now the formalities were over with, it was party time! Wow, that crew knew how to party, hard!

Special mention to Samantha’s friend Laura who made the couples wedding cake.

Jane x

Brides dress - Dreamaker

Grooms suit - Dreamaker

Venue - Rosehill House

DJ- DJ Buck