Georgeous country wedding at West Tower, Aughton - Bethany & Luke

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Bethany & Luke

It doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since Bethany and Luke contacted me and asked if I would be their wedding photographer. Turns out, it was actually 8 months ago and their wedding was over two months ago already! This gorgeous couple live in Wales, so they booked me off viewing my website and we arranged to meet up when they were in the area. Luckily, they manage to get up to Lancashire quite often as their family live up here. So, whilst they were up in Lancaster visiting Bethany’s parents, we met up at Huntley’s restaurant, Samlesbury for a hot chocolate (makes a change from my usual coffee!). Straight away, I could see that this lovely young couple were super cute and belonged together. Bethany was raised in Liverpool and Luke is actually from America, but moved to Wales with his family when he was just 8 years old. They told me all about how they got together which was from both being Christians and their shared love of travel. They spent the first few months in a long distance relationship, but then Bethany moved to Wales to be with the love of her life. The rest, as they say, is history!

Bethany & Luke

The day of the wedding was here! I met Bethany and the bridal party at Birches Brow Boutique for bridal preparation. The ladies had already had their hair done by Chelsea from Reece Birkdale and were now doing each other’s make-up. Once this was complete, we all headed around the corner to West Tower, Aughton. Bethany wanted to get into her wedding dress and have a glass of fizz there. Bethany and the ladies were all now in their dresses - they looked amazing! Bethany and her Dad made their way out to their wedding transport; a 1930’s style Badsworth. It was beautiful.

Bethany & Luke

I left for the church just ahead of the bridal party. I was able to spent some time with Luke and the groomsmen before the bride’s arrival. Bethany and Luke had chosen to get married at The King’s Church, Thornton, Liverpool as Bethany has been a part of this Church her whole life and it is very important to her and her family. This was the first Church wedding that I had attended where they had a band instead of an organ. It made a lovely change.

After this lovely couple had exchanged vows and wedding rings, everyone was invited to stay at church for afternoon tea. It all looked so tasty. I even got to snack on a few bits and pieces. The rocky road was amazing!

Bethany & Luke

We headed back over to West Tower, Aughton for the wedding reception. The wedding guests were behind the bride and groom. I took that as my opportunity and took the newlyweds off for couples portraits (they grabbed a drink on the way, obviously!). West Tower has such lovely grounds with loads of greenery - perfect! Guests were now arriving and Bethany and Luke were keen to start their celebrations with them.

Bethany & Luke

I said earlier that Bethany & Luke had a band during their church service which was a first for me. At their reception, there were even more firsts for me. The couple had chosen to have a BBQ for their wedding breakfast. Their wedding favours were Peri Peri sauce (Luke works at Nando’s) and then they had a ceilidh band for their evening reception. It was awesome! The dance floor was packed the whole time!

Totally amazing day and I wish this lovely couple luck for the future.

Jane x

Bethany & Luke
If you’re looking for a reasonably priced wedding photographer that’s going to capture the overall look, feel and atmosphere of your day, then I would recommend Jane.

Jane’s approach is very laid-back and in the background, so it was nice to feel like our day wasn’t dictated by the photographs. As she is more laid-back, Jane sent us a questionnaire beforehand asking us which specific organised group shots we wanted; it’s really worth thinking about this beforehand and telling Jane so she can get them done exactly as you want them without taking too much time out of your day.

My husband and I love our portrait photos. Jane captured some really beautiful, natural shots that we will treasure. She also captured lots of wonderful, sweet, happy moments throughout the day from the ceremony to the speeches to the dancing. Jane’s strength really lies in capturing the overall feel of the day and those spontaneous moments.

Overall, we’re happy with our photographs and they’ll serve as wonderful reminders of our most joyful day!
— Bethany & Luke